Song: Long Gone Blues

“Long Gone Blues,” song info for the eighth track of Ilona Tipp’s 2018 album “Unadorned”

"Long Gone Blues"

Ilona Tipp, vocals / Jacob Hiser, piano


I wrote "Long Gone Blues" about leaving a job, but I deliberately crafted the lyrics to be vague enough that they could be about any upcoming ending - a relationship, a situation, whatever. The mood is fairly gleeful.

I used to sing a lot of blues back in the day, and I honed my non-classical belting style through study of some classic blues singers. Generally my songs have a more complex harmonic structure, but I have so many roots in the blues that I wanted to write a fairly straightforward blues tune. (It's not quite a 12-bar blues in the classic form, but c'est la vie.) I had the idea for this song years ago, when I was actually in the aforementioned job itself - the "by the time you think to look for me, I'm gonna be long gone" lyric is how it started. But when I decided to write it in earnest, it came right out in a rush, in less than an hour. I don't think I've ever written a song faster than this.

I had some kind of rollicking blues piano in mind when I wrote it, which I knew I couldn't play myself. But I wrote it anyway and trusted that it would somehow work out, and it did - I started working with Jacob Hiser just a few weeks later. I knew he could play just about anything well, and when I brought in this song to our first session, he played it better than I had ever even been able to imagine it!


"Long Gone Blues" music and lyrics by Ilona Tipp, copyright 2018 Missive Maven Music

Don’t need to ponder, no need to talk
No need to consider, I’m gonna walk
I gotta be free... it’s time to move on
By the time you think to look for me, I’m gonna be long gone

Long gone, I’m planning my escape
Long gone, you pushed me past what I can take
For now I will behave, I’ll do every stupid chore
But one of these days real soon I’m gonna walk right out that door
Long gone, I’m gonna be long gone

You think I’m devoted, you assume I’ll stay
I laugh to myself as I plan my getaway
You don’t respect me, you treat me wrong
But that ain’t the way it’s gonna stay: I’m gonna be long gone

Long gone, I’m doin’ what’s necessary
Long gone, my time here is temporary
I’m keepin my cards close to my chest, I’ll play my hand carefully
My poker face is among the best - I’m only here for the money
Long gone, I’m gonna be long gone

I’m not just dreaming, I got a plan
I’ve been scheming, gonna make a stand
I am leaving; I’m not gonna be your pawn
I’ll leave so fast, you can kiss my... I’m gonna be long gone

Long gone, I enjoy thinkin’ 'bout it
Long gone, I even been drinkin’ ‘bout it
I'm packin’ my bags, things are looking up, I know just what to do
Got my next gig all lined up, it’s got nothin’ to do with you
Long gone, I’m gonna be long gone

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