Song: Unadorned

More about “Unadorned,” title track of Ilona Tipp’s 2018 album


Ilona Tipp, vocals and piano

I had the first line of this song kicking around in my head for well over a year before I finally finished the song in December 2017. It all grew out of that idea, and as I wrote it, I deliberately kept the chords and voicings simpler than some of my other, more jazz-infused songs. I wanted this to be simple, direct, and true... unadorned. 


"Unadorned" music and lyrics by Ilona Tipp, copyright 2018 Missive Maven Music

I don’t paint my face and I don’t paint my nails, I don’t much care what I wear
I don’t wear jewelry or fancy clothes, I don’t like to fuss with my hair

I was born unadorned, and unadorned I’ll stay... I like it that way
I guess it’s great to decorate if that’s your style - but I prefer just a smile

I won’t keep you guessing, I prefer to be direct: What I say, I mean
Don’t look for me in a dress and high heels, that’s me in a sweater and blue jeans

I was born unadorned, and unadorned I’ll stay... I like it that way
Keep your perfume and your flashy lifestyle - just bring me your smile

I know I’m not like most other gals, I’m no blushing lady fair
Yeah, I know I’m not like most other gals - but baby, I don’t care

If you want to talk to me, then just step right up; you don’t have to try real hard
Don’t put on airs, and don’t bring me gifts, just speak the truth, and come as you are

I was born unadorned, and unadorned I’ll stay... I like it that way
Save the glitter and save the guile - just bring me your smile

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