Song: Worrying Will Do You No Good

“Worrying Will Do You No Good,” song info for the sixth track of Ilona Tipp’s 2018 album “Unadorned”

"Worrying Will Do You No Good"

Ilona Tipp, vocals / Jacob Hiser, piano


I thought this song was the perfect answer to the previous track, "Best of the Real." I worry too much. I know I worry too much. But how do I stop? Sometimes it helps me to write songs giving myself advice. It's like my higher self talking to my daily mundane self, just trying to live a better life... But this song is the most pleasantly lighthearted on the whole album.

The entire first verse came to me when I was taking a walk. The rhythm fit my footsteps. Later when I was trying to work through the B section and struggling to find the right lyrics, those also just came to me on a walk in the forest (the same forest where the photos for this album cover were shot). 

I have to credit my amazing friend, pianist, and collaborator Jacob Hiser heavily on this song. I knew when I wrote it that it was going to require a groove that I was unable to play myself. The first time I brought it in to Jacob, I spent about fifteen seconds explaining the feel, handed him the lead sheet, and from the very first run-through it was even better than I could have imagined. He also helped structure the ending. Singing this song with him always makes me happy, and it actually does make me feel less worried! 


"Worrying Will Do You No Good" music and lyrics by Ilona Tipp, copyright 2018 Missive Maven Music

Worrying will do you no good
You’ve done everything you could
So you gotta let it go for the winds of fate to blow, 'cause
Worrying will do you no good

One thing at a time
Will help me ease my mind
I’ve got so much in my brain that it’s driving me insane
Just one thing at a time

I lie awake at night fretting so needlessly
My mind it turns and tumbles, leaps and jumbles so heedlessly
I know overthinking is just counterproductive, it’s destructive to my peace…

It’s easier said than it’s done
but this applies to everyone
Your worries will breed so don’t you water that seed
But it’s easier said than it’s done

Wondering if I’ve done it right
Keeps me up at night
My own doom I will reap if I don’t get me some sleep, I gotta stop
Wondering if I’ve done it right

Regretting means forgetting all the joy you could have right now
Fretting is upsetting and I know I must stop somehow
Now is not the right time for being reflective, the objective is release…

Worryin’ will do you no good
You’ve done everything you could
So you gotta let it go for the winds of fate to blow, 'cause
Worryin’ will do you no good

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